Month: April 2016

The City Wet: A Photo Portfolio

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend about photography and experiencing the moment. I mentioned that when I visited San Diego in 2014, I went whale watching and did not take a single photograph. I did take photographs around San Diego, but wanted to experience the whales without distraction — it was something I always wanted to do, see whales on the Pacific. In this conversation, I also noted that I regretted being so restrained with my film camera in the 1980’s and 1990’s (stemming from the fact that I did not have much money to spare) because there are places in New York City I would have loved to have captured during that time, not unlike the way in which one of my favorite living street photographers, Matt Weber, did. While I may not have photographs, I remember these places as they once existed and carry them in my heart like the whales of San Diego. Still, I would have loved to share them with the world today. Interestingly, sometimes, I’ll see a photograph by Weber and think, “Wow, I could have easily been in that shot.” Or, “I wish I had taken that shot.” Painfully, the photographs that I did take were lost during a move.

Now I have a digital camera and am significantly less judicious about turning my shutter loose. I have decided that to make the distinction between photography and experiencing the moment, I will capture the life and scenes from everyday life. There is a New York that is being lost and it should be captured. In the spirit of everyday New York City life, I present to you some rainy day pictures of my beloved home town.

File Apr 17, 10 01 45 AM

Do Not Enter. 2012.

File Apr 17, 9 49 50 AM

Commuters and Bagels. 2016.

File Apr 17, 9 48 48 AM

The Wet QMT. 2016.

File Apr 17, 9 53 43 AM

Artful Rain. 2015.

File Apr 17, 10 04 16 AM

Queensborough Storm. 2012.

File Apr 17, 9 49 12 AM

Wet and Naked Billboard. 2016.

File Apr 17, 9 53 10 AM

Autumn Showers in the Bronx. 2015.

Taken at the Bronx Community College Hall of Fame.

File Apr 17, 10 03 52 AM

Reflections of Light on the LIE. 2013.

File Apr 17, 9 54 19 AM

Misty Morning in Queens. 2015.

File Apr 17, 9 48 16 AM

Rainy Day Reflections in The Bronx. 2016.

File Apr 17, 9 54 59 AM

Leafy Drops. 2011.