Month: February 2016

Fellow Commuters: A Photo Portfolio

One of the things I LOVE about living in New York City is public transportation and riding the subway. It is the ultimate place to people watch and is the most democratic form of transportation: you can simultaneously ride and interact with the 99% and the 1% (though I have recently expressed my concerns about how lately it is catering to and fostering the wealthy—take out a subway map and follow the route of gentrification).

I love it when I have my camera or sketch book on hand to capture this largely wonderful experience. I am happy to present my favorites from the last couple of years!

Subway Slumbering. Edwin Roman, 2015.

Subway Slumbering. Edwin Roman, 2015.


IMG_5057 (1)

Downtown and Brooklyn. Edwin Roman, 2015.



ZOOM! Edwin Roman, 2015.


Above the Streets of Harlem. Edwin Roman, 2015.


Come on Over. Edwin Roman, 2014.


Commuting Sketch. Edwin Roman, 2016.


Braided. Edwin Roman, 2013.


No Device. Edwin Roman, 2015.



Tuning Out. Edwin Roman, 2016.