Thanksgiving Greetings from PepsiCo and Selfish, Mean People

Moments before I snapped this picture, a women cruelly said, “He should find someplace else to be lazy and sleepy.” I replied, “It is pouring rain and sleet outside— where should he go? Homelessness is all-consuming and a very difficult problem to solve. You don’t know his story. Stick your head back in the dirt if he bothers you!”



  1. You dear man. So glad you posted and shared. I have two sons. Both are disabled in a most profound way. The only thing that keeps them from being this man is me still being alive. There was a book published a few years back called “Madness in the Streets” about how the largest percentage of homeless people (after the Regan era of dismantling the mental health safety net) were impaired in someway by various physical, emotional and mental disabilities. I truly believe none of these people asked to be in this situation. Who would. But our society turns a blind eye, expecting all people have the same abilities and same opportunities. If they do not succeed its their own fault. I know for a fact and from personal experience this is a falsehood.

    As each day passes and the gap between the privileged and the majority increases the likelihood of this being understood and addressed sadly shrinks. Yesterday the headlines reported 1% of the people on earth now owned 50% of the wealth. Although this is only one factor in the equation, survival of the “fittest” and blindness to the care of the weaker of our society, does not forebode any change very soon.

    Being honest, I am a positive person and strive to combat such injustices. Yes, I’m a dreamer of a different world and continue to sing “but I’m not the only one” ….often.

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